Jun 10, 2009

Neetu Chandra says ‘Lesbian! Who, me?’

‘Lesbian! Who, me?’ Neetu Chandra says men love a woman’s body that keeps their hands full!

Neetu Chandra is beside herself with rage. A recent erotic photo shoot she did for a magazine has drawn the ire of a bunch of individuals who found her look too hot to handle. “Until now, everyone has had their say. It’s my turn now. Till now, you will recall no controversy about me — none that was blown so out of proportion. The shoot has been given many names including ‘Lesbian Shoot’. It was interrupted because it was found too hot for Indian men to digest. And, never done in the history of Indian cinema,” she fumes.

Citing the tradition of eroticism combined with aesthetics, that has been immortalised on the ancient rock-sculptures of Ajanta and Ellora, she adds, “Well, what would you call the sculptures in the caves of Ajanta and Ellora, a place where tourists from all over the world visit? What would you call these works of art where two beautiful females bodies come into contact with each other, posing for an artist to create an exquisite work of art?”

Getting back to the shoot itself, how did the gorgeous actress feel about the sensual touch of a woman? “I didn’t even know her before the shoot. Every picture has a story behind it. There is no kissing or smooching in it. I did not feel awkward at all as I knew what I was doing. Also, I am an actor and I was playing a role. It was as simple as that,” she says.
Speaking of her craft, she adds, “As an actor, Garam Masala gave me a launch pad, Traffic Signal gave me recognition, Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye gave me establishment, 13B gave me critical acclaim. But this controversy has given me my individuality. It has helped me to graduate to another level. I have found supporters who not only appreciate just my acting, but also appreciate my glam side. As an actor this is how I am willing to push the boundaries of my profession.”

About her voluptuous figure, she makes no bones about the fact that she knows what men love. “I want the voluptous trend to come back. Men love a woman’s body that keeps their hands full. I am not doing this to keep things hidden. I want men to enjoy themselves, and I’d love it if the lads enjoy my photos,” she smiles. Now who could argue with that? All we can say is, go girl!
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