May 8, 2009

‘Billa’ Director For Victory Venkatesh

Though the film ‘Billa’ has turned out to be a dud at the box office, it looks like that has not changed the shining stars of the director Meher Ramesh. News has been arriving that Meher has now been contacted by none other than Victory Venkatesh as he is keen on working with him.

It is said that Venky was impressed by the work done by Meher in ‘Billa’ and so he has asked the director to come up with a suitable script for him. Meher from his end is said to be all thrilled and has already got to write the script. However, few members in the industry are not too sure about all this.

They say that Meher still needs to work on his directorial skills and there is a criticism running that ‘Billa’s major flaw was the direction. Even his earlier flick ‘Kantri’ was not a great flick so they are wondering as to what Venky has seen in Meher that he is going for it. Only time will tell who is the wise one.