Feb 11, 2009


Toss girl in Tollywood

MADHURIMA arrives to enrich the tradition of debutant actresses who are also good in academics. "I have been a top ranker and now I am in the 4th year of law," says the actress, who was nurturing her passion for acting in addition to her other interests. "From a very young age, I have been singing ghazals and also gave few dance shows,' she reveals. It took ace maker G V IYER to spot the 'acting talent' in the talented crooner. "He just saw me in a recording theatre and soon we were working together for a serial," she smiles. Later, Bollywood beckoned her and she was roped in to play a key role in Hindi film Toss.

"The story revolves around a group of friends and in a nutshell it's a celebration of friendship," she tells us. Her dad is a Navy official, while her mother is a content writer and the latter is her guide and philosopher. "I just love my parents and my younger brother," says the pretty actress, whose other dream is to publish the short stories penned by her mom. She is equally excited about her debut Telugu film opposite baddy-turned-hero AJAY since she plays a 'criminal psychiatrist' in this action saga. "Glam is necessary in films but it shouldn't cross the limits," she asserts. "I do hang out with friends but no night outs for me,' she signs off.