Jan 7, 2009

NAGARJUNA..."I am happy to be an actor,"

Nag rules out active politics...Nag Views

Nag, it seems, is finally fed up of the characteristic but clichéd running around trees with pretty young things and bashing up goons.

So, is he pushing the glass ceiling by stepping into serious cinema or is it his surgery (he confirmed that he underwent knee surgery recently) that's cramping his style?

"It was tiresome dancing with eight pretty actress," exclaims Nag, although he does confess he's impressed with co-star Mamta Mohandass. "I am her fan", he says, breaking into a mischievous smile that melts his years away.

Though Nag does not say it in so many words, it comes across that he's determined this year to chart a new course in his career. He was a bit surprised with director Sekar Kammula opting out of a film that was scheduled to start early this year. He says, "We were about to start the film in February but after he watched me in a larger-than-life role in King, he backed out and assured me, he would come back with a suitable script."

Reiterating his decision to go in for sensible roles and denying rumours about taking a break from acting, he says, "I am not taking a break since I have enough offers. It's just that I'm waiting for a good script to come my way. I am even thinking of doing a thematic film like A Wednesday and given a choice I would love to do Naseeruddin's role," he asserts.
Wondering if he, like his contemporaries in Bollywood, is into blogging as well? "I don't have the patience for blogging and chatting," says the actor, who finds it hard even to send an SMS on his mobile! Commenting on the unusual title King for a comic caper, he explains, "I too, was a bit apprehensive and was insisting on another title, but finally it was justified as the whole film revolves around that role."

Nag who has done a comedy after a long gap, says that he was surprised that filmmakers are not approaching him with comedy scripts despite him showcasing his flair for comedy in laugh-riots like Hello Brother and Manmadhudu. "I think it's due to my serious look," he smiles.
On competition brewing from stars like Mahesh and NTR he says, "They are really big stars but I have no problems as long as we play roles that suit our image and age respectively. If we intend to crisscross then it could rebound," he says with some caution, though.

Revealing his studio expansion plans which include a film academy, he says, "Filmmaking is a skilled job and the basics have to be mastered."

On news about corporate companies trying to sign him for package deals, he confirms the buzz. "A big corporate company has had discussions with me. I am ready to sign up, but only on my terms," he affirms in his inimitable style. He rules out active politics as well. "I am happy to be an actor," he signs off.