Dec 9, 2008

Telugu Movie ' Kuberulu' Review

'Kuberulu' Review: 'YSR-Chandrababu' Imitations

Film: Kuberulu
Rating: 2/5
Cast: Ali, Sivaji, Krishna Bhagwan, Farzana, Kousha, Hema, Apoorva, Kinnera, Ranjitha, Kondavalasa, AVS, Raghu Babu, Suman Setty, Shakuntala, Duvvasi Mohan etc
Story: Siva-Suresh
Lyrics: Bhaskarabhatla Ravi Kumar
Dialogues: Dasari Brahmam
Producers: Karuturi Srinivas, Yaganti Srinivas
Screenplay-Direction: Srinivas Reddy
Release Date: 4th Dec 2008


The movie starts with the robbery of Nizam Jewelry by a gangster's (Dr Siva Prasad and Co) brother. The robbed jewelry will be buried in a secret place and the robber gets killed in a shoot out by police. The robber keeps some evidences at another place and conveys his people on phone about the whereabouts of treasure before his death. The news appears in a daily about the whole incident. Ram Babu (Krishna Bhagwan) aims at unearthing that hidden treasure to become rich.

On the other hand Sivaram (Sivaji), a hardcore fan of YS Rajasekhara Reddy aims at becoming Panchayat President. But he loses in elections in the hands of opponent. As he gets bankrupt, he moves to Hyderabad along with his friend (Ali). They happen to meet their common friend Rambabu there and the latter tells about the whole story of jewelry.

Who gets the treasure? The gangsters or the three aspiring Kuberulu? That follows rest of the story. A lady doctor (Farzana) adds as a catalyst for this treasure hunt.

Sivaji started his performance by imitating YSR in walk and talk. Ali opened his talent by imitating Chandrababu. But the script and dialogues didn't match well to bring laughter with those imitations.

Krishna Bhagawan has delivered his trade mark comedy with instant punches.

Farzana didn't spill glamour in first half but okayed in second half during a song. Kousha is used for glamour quotient, while Bhuwaneshwari is there for luring audiences of lower benches with hardcore country exposing. Hema and Apoorva also appeared glamorous. Jothi Lakshmi, the old cabaret dancer appeared in a raunchy item song.

Kinnera, the TV lady, appeared on screen after a very long time with lot of weight on her body. People took time to recognize her.

Dr Siva Prasad has become a common face these days in many movies. He appears to have chosen film industry as his destiny keeping politics aside.

And coming to technical departments, cinematography is ok while action episodes and special effects deserve good mention.

Srinivas Reddy would have worked more on script part and the intensity of comedy. He made an average flick but not a wholesome laughing entertainer.

Although the film starts with YSR, Chandrababu imitations by lead roles, it's a routine 'treasure hunt' story that didn't get proper treatment. The film would have been good had it released a decade ago. It would have nurtured in proper way to meet the taste of contemporary audiences. The bomb blast sequences are used in the movie for comedy. But since the recent Mumbai Terror and Terrorist threats have become the burning issues, audiences didn't treat that as humor. In one sentence to say, the 'timing' of comedy is wrong.

Keeping that aside, director Srinivas Reddy didn't use much of his creativity for comedy as he used in Bommana Brothers-Chandana Sisters, Yama Gola Mallee Modalayyindi and Adirindayya Chandram. He has taken a routine subject and didn't even deal with novelty. The film is filled with great number of comedians but the out put is not commendable.

Both first half and second half appeared bore due to lack of interest boosters in narration. The film has got good openings with the brand image of Srinivas Reddy, but in fact he too cannot make 'good laughter shows' all the time.