Dec 13, 2008

Telugu Movie 'City Life' Review

Telugu Movie Reviews City Life Review

Cast: Venumadhav, RK, Pooja Bharathi, Melkote, Chandana Chakrabarti and Others.
Cinematography: RVS Koti.
Editing: A. Venkat.
Music: Pratap Vidyasagar.
Story, Screenplay, Lyrics & Producer: P. Venkateswara Rao.
Dialogues & Direction: Sauda.
Banner: Perfect Visuals.
Release Date: 12th December, 2008.

The filmmaker clearly had no idea as to what he wanted to project when he embarked on this project. The film begins showing the lives of four friends in Hyderabad.

RKOne a muslim who has hair which is straight, soft and silky designed for a shampoo advertisement, he is in love with a girl so he woo's her father by feeding their dogs. The next is Yadagiri who works as a peon in a software company and has an employee rooting for him. A Sikh youth is constantly harassed for not making anything out of his life by his family. There is another person who stays put at a jewellery/costume store ogling at women. The concept of unity in diversity is poorly shown through a uninteresting flashback.

RK or Mama from the old city appears in a clich├ęd boring role of a land grabber who learns English, marries a heroine and is seen launching telugu pop album in a pub. The jokes are silly, totally mindless. A maid who works for Melkote makes an outrageous request, "Saaru nuvvu nannu pregnant cheyyali." Finally after fifteen prolonged minutes it is explained that she has in fact mispronounced the word "permanent" which refers to her job. Another mindless remark is when Melkote places an advertisement in the newspaper "wanted wife". He gets a phone call and the man on the other end asks him, "Naa wife ni ekkadiki teesuku rammantaru," while Melkote is scandalised.

Venu Madhav refers to a fork as a mulla chamcha (a spoon with thorns, he is a doctor from US who appears in only one dance at Peddammagudi. There is no relation to one scene to the next. The story appears patchy from the word go. Chandana Chakrabarti plays a domineering role and looks apt, and the only person who is seen grabbing attention for all the wrong reason is Yadagiri.

How the real estate boom has corrupted youth, how they are incapable of handling the windfall, the pub culture, the land grabbers, the office atmosphere is all shown in a frustratingly bad light. A song on the lines of 'Botany Paatamundhi..' was attempted only to test one's endurance levels. The way each scene is wound up visually is excruciating to the eye. A criminal waste of money and time. Hyderabad City deserves and looks much better than what one saw on screen. Better luck to the debutants, and other artistes, technicians.