Dec 11, 2008

Telugu Movie 'Arundhati' Photo Gallery

M Shyam Prasad Reddy who produced blockbusters like Talambralu, Ahuti, Ankusam, Agraham, Ammoru is producing a film titled Arundhati with Anushka doing the title role.

There is a saying that the spirit of a deceased person who succumbed to untimely demise would not leave this earth. The spirit would stay on the earth to complete the unfulfilled task. Arundhati is a thriller made on the tussle between such a spirit (Anushka) and a villain (Sonu Sood). This film is not a horror film, but a thriller.

Anushka is doing two roles in the film. One role of 1920’s period and other role is of a housewife in the current year. Arundhati is born in Gadwal lineage. She takes up the mantle of crown because there are no male siblings to her. She is a powerful lady. While dying she tells the people around to name the next girl born in that lineage with her name Arundhati. After four generations, the present Arundhati is born. The story of the film is about how the present Arundhati took revenge on Sonu Sood.

Arundhati is a thriller that takes place with a runtime of 2 and half hours. There will be nice graphics as well. Sayaji Shinde is playing the role of a fakir called ‘Talla Sayibu’. It is a positive role that helps heroine. Deepak is doing the role of Anushka’s husband. Shooting of the film is complete. Producer is planning to release the film on 9 January 2009. There will be four songs in this film. All these songs are situational ones.

Cast: Anushka, Deepak, Sonu Sood, Sayaji Shinde, Manorama, Kaikala Satyanarayana, Annapurna, Ahuti Prasad, Chalapati Rao, Subhashini, Siva Parvati, Meena (new girl) and Baby Divya.


Banner: Mallemala Entertainments
Dialogues: Chintapalli Ramana
Lyrics: Dr. C Narayana Reddy, Veturi, Mallemala, Anant Sreeram
Camera: KK Senthil Kumar
Music: Koti
Graphics Superviser: Rahul Nambiar
Art: Ashok
Fights: Vijay
Choreography: Siva Shankar & Suchitra Chandrabose
Special Make-up: Ramesh Mohanti (Sonu Sood)
Costumes: Deepa
Productions Executive: Yedu Kondalu
Executive: Gopi Krishna
Story - screenplay: Mallemala Unit
Direction: Kodi Rama Krishna