Dec 16, 2008

Telugu Actress SONIA Says I like my Hair

Frank speak Sonia doesn’t want to be typecast

Sonia is two films old and is already being flooded with offers. The first thing that strikes you about her is her beautiful curls. “I did try straightening my hair when I was in college and I do so even today when I’m invited for functions; but otherwise, I like my hair to be plain and simple,” she says, as she settles down for the interview. Sonia and her co-star Krishnudu are all over the hoardings in the city and she is more than happy with the response the big fat love story, Vinayakudu has received.

“After the preview I was concerned because the response was a little below expectations. People don’t usually sit through lengthy movies; they get bored. Vinayakudu is very different from the regular love stories; of course the theme has been dealt with earlier in movies like Kobbari Bondam and Kitakitalu. But in other films the overweight person is usually exaggerated; the character is not handled well. The emotional quotient is ignored and we tend to focus more on the fun element. This film has given a lot of importance to the human angle,” she explains.

Sonia is falling into the trap of playing a girl throwing a lot of attitude. There are similar shades to the character she portrayed in Happy Days and Vinayakudu. Sonia replies, “As soon as your first film is released what you get next is not variety. So you tend to pick the best out of the subjects given to you. In Happy Days, Sravs was straight forward, had an attitude but in Vinayakudu it was the arrogance that was highlighted. At the moment I’m in a confused state of mind. I’m trying to get a foothold in the industry. I want to give myself some time and space to think, to decide.”

She adds that if she wanted her career to take the parallel cinema route she would have selected only such subjects and gone the Konkona Sen way but as of now she doesn’t mind running around trees too. “Like Tabu, I want to strike a balance between different genres,” she says. “People can think in different ways too. I have long hair, then suddenly I chop it really short. People might find it awkward initially but over a period of time they will be fine with that too. I don’t want to be typecast.”

Sonia hails from a joint family in Hyderabad. A graduate in computer applications, she had worked in MNCs and movies happened to her by chance. She says a career in acting has given her the freedom to explore. “When I was young, my parents pushed me to do something creative; I was too lazy then. Later on, I wanted to genuinely pursue my hobbies. Movies give me space, time and freedom to work. I’m enjoying this phase and learning as far as opportunities in acting is concerned.”