Dec 31, 2008

King - Seenu Vytla Interview

King - Seenu Vytla’s latest film with Nagarjuna – is releasing on 25 December. Seenu Vytla spoke to scribes on this occasion in Annapurna studios on 24 December. Here are the excerpts of chitchat -
Tell us about Nagarjuna’s character in King?
Nagarjuna is donning three roles of Bottu Seenu, Sarath and King in this film. Bottu Seenu is a mass character. Sarath is a software engineer. King belongs to the royal lineage. We shot a part of the film in Bangalore palace. Bottu Seenu, Sarath and King reflect the mass, class and royal aspects. You have to watch the film know if these three people are same or different.

Tell us about working with Nagarjuna?
It was a very good experience working with Nagarjuna. He gave a lot of freedom to me. King my 10th film as the director and I never got such a free hand in my earlier films.

You had the lyrics of title song as records anni brea’king’. Are you aiming for the records?
I am not a kind of guy who is after the records. I was little hesitant to have that lyric in the beginning. This song was the last one we shot recently. After watching the rushes, Devi Sri Prasad insisted that we should go with the lyric. I hope that the film will become a big hit.

Tell us about the 8-heroines song?
This song comes as the last song in the second half. This song comes during the high point of the film. The idea was borrowed from Om Shanti Om film.

Tell us about Brahmanandam character?
After doing the roles of Chari (Dhee) and McDowell Murthy (Ready) Brahmanandam is doing another hilarious character as ‘Jayasurya’. His profession is music direction. But, this film has no backdrop of film industry. Brahmanandam character is linked to the story and it will be there throughout the film.

Srihari is doing the role of a don called Gnaneswar. It will be one of the highlights of the movie.

Tell us about Devi Sri Prasad?
He gave wonderful music. He elevated the second half with terrific background score. There are nine songs in the album and there would be 8 songs in the film. The ‘film titles parody song’ will not be there in the film. King remix song will come during the rolling of end titles.

Tell us about the producer Shiva Prasad Reddy?
I had problems with the producers most of the times. But Shiva Prasad Reddy is one producer who let me free by not interfering. He saw the final copy yesterday night and he was extremely happy with the way film was shaped up.

Tell us about Naga Chaitanya’s project?
Nagarjuna was impressed with my working style after the first schedule and he offered me a film with Naga Chaitanya. This film will be produced by D Siva Prasad Reddy.

What about Venkatesh’s film?
Venkatesh’s film will be launched in the month of March. We are working on the script now.

What is the runtime of the film?
King is the lengthiest film I ever worked on. The runtime of the film is 2 hour and 50 minutes. We started the project on 20 June and the movie is releasing on 25 December. We completed the entire execution in a period of six months.

What is your gut feeling about King?
I am 100% satisfied with the outcome. King will be liked by all.