Nov 30, 2008

Telugu Actress Shraddha Arya gone missing?

Heroine gone missing?

‘We haven’t even fixed Shraddha Arya the heroine’

Rumours suggest your film has been stalled because the heroine left the sets.

It hasn’t stopped. Ganesh had told us a long time ago that he had to attend a function this week. So we gave him a four-day break. We will resume shooting from next week. As for the heroine dumping the film, we hadn’t even zeroed in on one.

How come you started the shoot without the heroine?

That’s not a problem because her scenes start only from December 5. Meanwhile, we’re shooting most of Ganesh’s portions, including his fight sequences.

What about Shraddha Arya? She’s reported to have shot some portions for your film.

We did consider her, but none of the films she’s signed have ever taken off, so we were apprehensive about casting her. So now, I’m planning to go to Mumbai to hunt for a new face.

‘The heroine had a personal issue’

How is your new film coming along?

It’s going great. I just shot for some fight sequences in Mysore and returned to the city on Tuesday.

We heard your film has been stalled.

Really? The shooting has been going on smoothly and we’ve taken a short break of 5-6 days because we’ve just canned some fight scenes.

Apparently, the heroine of your film has quit mid-way.

She was never here to shoot in the first place. She had some personal issues to sort out; I heard she wants to get married. We don’t have a heroine, but that will not stop us from continuing with our shooting schedule.

So any names being considered?

There are three names, but I can’t disclose that information.