Nov 2, 2008

Telugu Actor VISHNU In ICL - Interview

Telugu Senior Actor MOHAN BABU's Son VISHNU In ICL

He's a businessman to the core and he's got his finger in many pies, besides acting.

He's got a production house, an animation studio, an institute for training TV crew –– and now he has bought the local ICL team. Actor Vishnu, who is busy shooting for his film Saleem, took time off for an exclusive chat with us.

Excerpts from the interview

Did SRK and Preity inspire you to join the big league of owning a cricket team?

I do agree that SRK and Preity made it easier for me to convince my board of directors or else they would have rubbished it as a weird idea. Being a cricket lover, this was a great opportunity for me to get involved with the sport. Unlike some Bollywood stars, I am happy to own the home team and it gives me a sense of pride. Likewise, our league is in no way inferior to other leagues.

Local talents Ambati Rayudu and Khalil are the best in the business. Initially, I did have some doubts about the league but jam-packed stadiums and the overwhelming response changed my view. Right now, our team is well-placed with four wins out of five to reserve our quarter-final berth. The finals would be a great event to watch out for, irrespective of the teams participating in it.

Do you like to influence team composition? Also how do you justify the new amalgamation of cricket and cinema?

I would leave the choice of team composition to the captain and coach. I believe it's their prerogative. I will be involving myself in designing marketing strategies and as an ambassador to fetch maximum mileage for our team. I don't think there is anything wrong in cricket and cinema coming together, since glamour does add to the brand value. But beyond that, it's real talent that triumphs.

How does it feel to give up on bachelorhood now that you are engaged?

It is yet to sink in but I am happy that our long courtship has been formally solemnised by our parents. Viranica (not Veronica) hails from USA and is a business graduate and also a jewellery designer. Despite belonging to contrasting professions, we are making an effort to understand each other.

Marriage will happen sometime next year, once I finish my next film Saleem. According to my sister (Laxmi Prasanna), the marriage is going to be a big celebration. That seems to be true as she is busy shopping, while my friends are busy chalking out plans for various post marriage parties!

How do you strike work-life balance? And, how does Viranica react to your on-screen romances?

I don’t think it’s too difficult to maintain a work-life balance. Twenty four hours are enough.

I am a bit apprehensive how Viranica will now react when she sees me cosying up with pretty actresses on-screen. With my next co-star being Ileana, it will be tough (chuckles)! I am quite involved in my businesses, and I am equally excited about a plum film project.

Vishnu and Viranica got engaged last month