Nov 28, 2008

Reliance becomes a production partner for 'Puli'

In the direction of ‘Khushi’ fame SJ Suryah, producer Singanamala Ramesh is making the movie ‘Puli’ starring Pawan Kalyan and Nikasha Patel on Kanaka Rathna Movies banner. The crew of the movie is now shooting in Malaysia.

A new scoop is Reliance Communications is now a part of the production team of ‘Puli’ and has undertaken the rights to promote their products through the movie promos. Latest update is Mitsubishi has joined as one more co-partner.

On the same line of Reliance, Mitsubishi has delivered a Pajero Car to be sported by the hero in the scenes of the movie. The concept of bringing in brand sponsors was in the James Bond series which has been now initiated in Tollywood. Mitsubishi has made a step ahead by modifying the Pajero’s looks to make it more stylish for the flick.

Today’s rapidly changing trend in business and entertainment is amalgamating and coming into a solitary confinement. If all ends well, it would be a favorable change of trend.