Oct 12, 2008

Telugu Movie ' Souryam' Review

Telugu Movie ' Souryam' Review

Cast: Gopichand, Anushka, Poonam Kaur, Ajay, Manoj K. Jayan, Krishna Bhagawan, Fish Venkat, Ali, Sarth Kumar, Tanikella Bharani, Raghu Babu and Others.
Art: Vivek.
Action: Vijay, Ram-Lakshman, Selva.
Cinematography: Vatri.
Dialogues: M. Rathnam.
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh.
Music: Mani Sharma.
Story, Screenplay & Direction : Siva.
Producer: V. Ananda Prasad.
Banner: Bhavya Creations.
Release Date: 26th September, 2008.

Souryam has a couple of themes rolled into one for its storyline. Primarily it's a sibling sentiment story infused with a ruthless 'Don' character and a cat-mouse game between the Don and a policeman. The problem is, it's all dealt very immaturely and that much is clear from frame 1. A few gags here and there are mildly amusing and a song or two watchable. Beyond that, the movie has little to offer and there is nothing we haven't seen before.

Anushka & GopichandPlot Vijay (Gopichand) goes to Kolkata and enrolls midterm in a college studies right after he bashes up a part of a gang of goons searching for him. He stays as a paying guest in a house with Swetha (Anushka) and his family and another student Divya (Poonam Kaur). Divya, an orphaned girl living alone there finds a saviour in Vijay who repeatedly protects and saves her from a lot of trouble. Swetha falls in love with him. As the goons finally catch up with him, his purpose in Kolkata and his story come out.

Story, Screenplay and Direction Manoj K. Jayan as Sivaram Goud plays a role usually written for (then banned) Prakash Raj. The mighty Don succumbs to the police officer's 'poison' prank so easily, you wonder how he ever got to inflict all that fear in people. Those logic glitches apart, the first half tries to create a sense of mystery and anticipation by not giving away any details. Vijay comes to Kolkata (where everyone is talking in Telugu, even in the college) and joins a college, rents a house and goes about daily life interjected with scenes where lot of goons are searching for him and he routinely bashes up people and cuts off their arms.

So all that is explained in the second half. By that time, because some of the scenes are so seriously silly and the gags so passé that many lose interest. For the sake of Gopichand, those who are interested in the second half get a slightly more interesting view post-break. But it's routine, so routine that it makes you cringe. Decade old movies dubbed from Tamil to Telugu aired on Teja regularly have that quality of finesse. The trouble is that even the few interesting portions of the movie have an overwhelming sense of déjà vu because we've seen all of that before, in many movies in many variations.

Ali as Gymson provides a few laughs, Vijay and Sivaram Goud's track in the second half has been seen too many times before but keeps you awake and the sibling story is touching in parts and cheesy the rest of the time. Anushka has nothing to do except make a fool of herself and that whole track makes you grimace-so wasted. Krishna Bhagawan as a doctor in the second half gets a few witty lines to mouth. The girl gang with Anushka is annoying. Cinematography, editing, dubbing, action and background score are all decent. The movie in totality doesn't come up to the mark.

GopichandPerformances Gopichand basically carries the movie on his shoulders, but there's only so much he can do. His performance is believable but not amongst his better ones; the movie is so flawed there's no scope for that. Anushka is wasted. Poonam Kaur as Divya gives a credible performance, but there's really no improving the movie. Ajay is convincing. The two little kids in the flashback are good.

Song and Dance Mani Sharma's music is not bad, but combine it with the lackluster screenplay and it becomes just okay, with two songs that pump the meter up.

Last Word Not every maker has to give new-age cinema, but with a budget and cast like that, so much could have been done. Like making a watchable movie. Like not repeating the same plot(s). Souryam is stuck in the part of the eighties with goons who terrorized a single colony of people and killed cops in daylight and brothers who could give up their lives for their sisters. All this without conviction and dealt is the most amateur way possible. Pros-Some 'mass appeal', a few interesting moments, two songs, Gopichand and technically sound. Cons-the rest.