Oct 15, 2008

Telugu Movie 'Prathikshanam' Gallery

Prathikshanam - Rambha, Prakash Raj

'Prathikshanam' completes first schedule 'Prathikshanam' is a suspense thriller starring Rambha in the lead role is being directed by debutant Vyas. Pallavi Srinivas is producing this film on Parijay Creations banner. The movie has completed.

Speaking on this occasion producer said, "We have completed the first schedule on 25th with the shooting done at Hyderabad. During this schedule we have canned a song along with some prominent sequences. The song is featured on Ramba, Aravind and 60 dancers, was choreographed by Shobi."

"Interestingly, this will be the first thriller flick in Rambha's career" Producer Pallavi Srinivas

The second schedule will begin from 2nd October at Srilanka. We will shoot some more important scenes starring Ramba, Prakash Raj, Riyaz Khan, Aravind and others in Srilanka. The cinema will be completed with the 3rd schedule in Hyderabad. Interestingly this is the first thriller for Ramba in her entire career."