Oct 26, 2008

Telugu Movie 'Keka' Review

Cast: Raja, Ishana, Anoop, Basha, Talaivasal Vijay, Mayilsamy, Vayyapuri, Dharmavarapu, Duvvasi Mohan and Others.
Choreography: Shankar.
Cinematography: PC Sreeram.
Music: Chakri.
Story, Screenplay, Dialogues, Producer & Direction: Teja.
Banner: Chitram Movies.
Release Date: 23rd October, 2008.

It's a really catchy title. Lots of rain, age of innocence and love at first sight. So far, so good. A fresh new cast. Very 'in' right now. Cinematography by PC Sreeram and music by Chakri. Still sounds good enough. But (the moment there is an 'if' or 'but': trouble), but the movie is so amateurish, starting from the writing, acting and disappointingly, the direction. Seat-cringing material.

Ishana and RajaPlot Arjun meets Sujata when both are holidaying in their relatives' village. While love blossoms in the picturesque village, they go back to the city without each others' contact details. Turns out, Sujata is Arjun's best friend's fiancé are the couple are in a mighty fix. When Arjun tells Kiran the truth, he accepts it without question and helps the couple to meet. The parents learn of this and direct their ire at Kiran, who attempts suicide. Arjun decides to leave the city so Kiran and Sujata can marry and bows down to his friend's sacrifice. But things are not what they seem and Arjun is forced to face his former lover once more after a murder attempt on him.

Story, Screenplay and Direction The theme or the story has little to do with the entertainment value of the movie. What's the theme of Sakhi? Rich boy, poor girl. But it still is a highly watchable movie. Even though the plot and premise and even the climax seem so repetitive, it could have been interesting if, and only if, the other aspects were in favor of the movie (or audience, depending on which perspective you choose to look from). The shabby and half-hearted direction is a major let-down as is the writing. Teja, who's rumored to have slapped his newcomers if they don't give their best, extracts really bad performances from them all.

The girl, her lack of lip sync and the voice dubbed for her which doesn't suit her all pull the movie down several counts as the story basically revolves around her. It's a make or break factor, and it's BREAK here, all capitals. The 'friends of hero' which brought interesting characters and introduced new actors are also a let-down, coming from Teja. 'Karnamba Cutting' just about brings one tiny little smile once, because the entire movie is so awesomely, superbly boring.

It's slow, it's lackluster and the 'twist' at the climax-sigh. Seriously, who directed this? Not that Teja's one of this gen's greats or anything, but it's safe to assume that reasonably decent or interesting or quirky work is expected from him. Something different, new, fresh, newcomers who almost play a character, decent music. None of that. Zilch. It's a huge disappointment.

Raja and IshanaPerformances Not applicable. Actually, not fair to newcomers as they have a career ahead, as long as the next producer doesn't watch this movie. Anyways, Raja as Arjun could have been appreciated in a different movie as a different character (and preferably not a wimp) but the long locks and Devadas act fails. Anoop as Kiran hams. The girl…maybe we can watch another movie of hers and then judge and refrain from saying anything harsh now.

Music and Choreography Two of the songs are okay, but it doesn't make a difference. Had the movie been even a little tolerable, the songs would have seemed much better.

Last Word Teja's worst.