Oct 6, 2008

SHAMITA SHETTY's Secret Desire

SHAMITA SHETTY’s secret desire

SHAMITA SHETTY has found her brother in none other than sister SHILPA SHETTY. Shamita yearned for brotherly presence during her growing up years as a girl. Recalling those days Shamita reveals, “In my school, I was a tomboy, always in shorts and T-shirt with a boycut and more interested in sports. I found feminine dressing to be yucky! It gave me creeps to doll myself up. I felt it was such waste of time. When I stepped into the film industry, I hated wearing make-up. If I cultivated the patience to sit through makeup and hairstyling sessions it is thanks to my sister Shilpa. She gave innumerable lectures on the importance of looking good. It is then that I began to transform from a tomboy to a girly girl.” Shamita adds, “I always wanted an elder brother. I look upto my father, but yet I yearned for a brother. But the feeling gradually faded as I grew up. Shilpa’s presence more than made up for it.” Well the two beautiful girls have definitely made their mark in Bollywood.