Oct 6, 2008

Rajendra Prasad done a bilingual film Quick Gun Murugan

Hollywood, mind it!

After 32 years in the Telugu industry, veteran actor Rajendra Prasad has drawn the pistol and in his style. Meet the man with a ticket to Hollywood

And you thought that after three decades in the film industry, there would be nothing drastically new to do. Well, you wouldn't after you meet Rajendra Prasad, a senior actor in the Telugu industry. The veteran actor has done a bilingual film Quick Gun Murugan to be released in Tamil and English. Sashank Ghosh is the director of the film that promises to be a laughter riot. Rajendra Prasad lets us in on the news that one of Hollywood's top movie-production houses is distributing this film. The actor said that it's a matter of great pride to be in a Hollywood film.

"The film Quick Gun Murugan is an English film, but with a local backdrop. I play the title character and it is unlike anything I've done before. It's one of the most unique roles I've done in all of my 32 years in acting." Quick Gun Murugan apparently has been shot in the style of a 70s Westerner. Well, that should explain the film's title too. "A lot of adaptation and thought, however, went into modifying the cowboy-genre to suit modern sensibilities. My character wields the gun, jumps, flies around, rides and all of that," Rajendra Prasad adds. Seems like an out and out action film with a healthy dollop of comedy.

As the actor himself reveals, a hilarious comedy but with a serious message, where the lead character loves the cattle and promotes vegetarianism! The film is to be screened in London on October 16 and is one among the six films from South East Asia.

The film was shot extensively on specially prepared sets in Nanakramguda cine village and some also some scenes were canned in Pune, apart from using various studios in Mumbai.