Aug 5, 2008

Telugu film song makes it todegree text book

-Telugu film song makes it to degree text book

When none is interested in even discussing the lyrics of the latest Telugu film songs, the inclusion of a song from Erra Samudramin the graduation syllabi comes as a surprise

ATelugu film song in a graduation course text book? Yes you heard it right. A song penned by lyricist Dr Andesri for the film Erra Samudram has inspired the university syllabus committee to include it in the Telugu second year graduation text books for the next academic year starting in 2009.

The song Maayamai Pothundamma Manishanavadu is a lament on the erosion of human values in this insensitive world. This is the third song to feature in Telugu syllabi after
Maa Telugu Thalliki and Telugu Jathi Manadi in the 77 years of Telugu cinema. Interestingly, both songs were from the pens of the literary giants Sankarambadi Sundaracharyulu and C Narayana Reddy respectively and both subsequently became film songs. However Maa Telugu Thaliki first became a state anthem then was used in the film Bullet while CNR's celebration of Telugu pride and unity was initially heard in the film Thalla Pellama before attracting the attention of academicians and the state government.

After receiving an honourary doctorate from Kakatiya University, lyricist Andesri added another feather to his cap as his song was approved by academicians for its inclusion in college text books. About the landmark song, he says, "Human beings have succeeded in everything but have lost what it takes to be an ideal human being and this was one of my favourite themes," informs Andesri who felt that the maker could have chosen a better situation in the film to justify the song.

Will this milestone stir up Telugu lyricists to spin more profound lyrics to join the elite club? "We are ready," announces promising lyricist Vanamaali who described it as a tribute to an inspiring song at a time when film songs are branded as ‘use and throw’. However, he is quick to add, “We need filmmakers who will provide us ideal situations and also a composer to make it listener-friendly.” Hope filmmakers are listening! .