Aug 17, 2008

Telugu Actress Mamta Mohandas (Interview) Has Bounced Back!

When most actresses suffer in silence, gutsy Mamata Mohanda openly blames the team of Homam for causing her mental trauma by forcing her to do a scorching number with Jagapati Babu, overriding her reservations.

A classical singer who turned actor with the Malayalam film Maayuham, Mamata has established her acting repertoire. Though her singing even fetched her a Filmfare award, her passion for acting is gradually eclipsing her singing aspirations.


It seems that you and Jagapati Babu will set the screen on fire with hot numbers in Homam? Have you learnt anything from your flops like Krishnarjuna and Victory?

I had tough time clarifying my stance that I wasn't up for any change of image. Even while shooting for the song, I put my foot down as I went through mental trauma since I was totally uncomfortable doing the sizzling moves composed by choreographer Sabrina Khan. I also had a tiff with director JD but later relented when he convinced me that it was essential. I decided to overlook it since I was portraying a dignified role of a psychiatrist in the film. After a couple of flops, I realised the significance of well-knit scripts. I did Krishnarjuna and Victory by just hearing plotlines, but now I will insist on the complete script. I am also sharing my ideas with writers.

Even after bagging a Filmfare for Raaki Raaki, why have you have shelved your singing career?

I have resolved to become a top-rung actress, so professional playback singing is bound to take a backseat. However I will croon for my films. I am a trained Hindustani and classical singer and an actor by accident. My debut film fetched me the best actress award and I think this is because I have understood the variation between subtle and loud acting, besides firmly resolving to do away with art films. It was great working with Madhavan and our chemistry will be evident in our next Tamil release Guru En Aalu.

Do you intend to join Bhoomika and Charmee in the female-centric club? Hasn't gossip disturbed you?

I did get few offers but I declined them since I felt that it was too early for me to attempt author-backed roles. Earlier I was linked to Suresh Gopi and recently with Devi Sri Prasad but I have decided to laugh away such baseless gossip.

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