Aug 18, 2008

SRIHARI starts his New Film 'PORU'

Srihari starts his Poru

SRIHARI is deftly mixing up lead roles with character roles to carve a niche for himself in Telugu filmdom. Srihari is one of the very few actors who celebrates birthday on Independence Day. In keeping up with this occasion the actor's new film Poru was launched with much fanfare. Up and coming director AMMA RAJASEKHAR will be at the helm for this action-based film being produced by G SRINIVAS YADAV. "It will be a milestone in my career and am also happy to commence this film on a historic day" announces Srihari who is quite confident about the well-knit script. "It's an emotional saga with loads of action" reveals the director who was happy to rope in seasoned composer MANI SHARMA for his pet project. Will this battle (Poru) against evil forces revive the director's limping career?