Aug 28, 2008

Rumours About Rambha’s “Attempted Suicide”

‘I am still the darling of Tamil Nadu’

While rumours about Rambha’s “attempted suicide” were doing the rounds in the city, the Ullathai Alli Tha actress was at home having a hard time handling phone calls and enquiries about her health.

After eating temple prasadam a few days ago, I felt giddy and went to a hospital for a check-up,” she says, “It was a simple case of food poisoning and nothing more to it. I was shocked when I read a newspaper report that I had attempted suicide.”

But she stresses that she has no enemies within the industry who could have planted such a hoax. “I could have settled in Hyderabad or Bangalore (places I love) but chose to stay in Chennai as I felt it was my true home,” she says, “I am still the darling of Tamil Nadu... I want to live life to the fullest and have no intention of leaving the world so soon!”

“I was laughing when I read that report but felt bad when my parents came to know of it,” she adds. “My father is a heart patient and I did not want him disturbed by such baseless rumours.”

The actress rubbishes rumours of a recent love failure. “I am choosy about the movies I do and will be as choosy when it comes to choosing my life partner too. I trust my parents with this decision-making. Meanwhile, I am single and enjoying it!”

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