Aug 23, 2008

Rajinikanth refund of the losses Kuselan issue

The raging Kuselan issue has been sorted out, thanks to Rajinikanth.

The Tamilnadu theatre owners association and Rajinikanth have come to an understanding regarding refund of the losses they suffered on MG amounts paid for the film.

As per the understanding, the theatres will be paid 33 percent or one third of the amount the film was sold in Tamilnadu territory.

The film is rumored to have been sold for around Rs 21 crore, out of which Rs 7 crore will be paid as compensation.

The theatre owners say the amount will be reimbursed by Rajinikanth. However the grapevine has it that the superstar will contribute only 50 percent of the amount while the remaining will be paid by the producers Kavithalaya, Seven Arts and world right holders Pyramid Saimira.