Aug 30, 2008

Jagapathi Babu's Raksha is Phoonk

Ram Gopal Verma had scared enough by announcing that anybody who dares to watch his horror thriller 'Phoonk' alone in theatre would be given Rs 5 lakhs prize. But post release, the film proved it to be a publicity stunt by Ram and that no scene exactly appeared that scary as he declared. Now the buzz is Jagapathi Babu's 'Raksha' will be made in similar lines to that of Phoonk. Kalyani after a long gap is pairing up with Jaggu in Raksha. Satya Krishnan who turned heroine in Posani's under production 'Mental Krishna' is turning lady villain in 'Raksha' i.e., she will portray a negative shade character. So let's wait and see how far this 'Raksha' will scare the audience.