Aug 26, 2008

Highlights In Chiranjeevi's Speech

Chiranjeevi Party Name
The following are the Highlights of the Speech :

* I will always remain your servant. It is a historic moment. A proud moment for Andhra.

* I founded hundreds of blood and eye banks.

* Let's concentrate on positive things and fight divisive forces.

* God has blessed me. Asked me to do this. I seek your support.

* Happy Andhra Pradesh is my motto. Modernisation and industrialisation will be on my agena.

* My party is of the people, for the people and by the people.

* Social justice is the main agenda of my party.

* I take an oath in the name of Lord Venkateshwara that I will be with you. You don't need a leader. You need a servant. It is my motive. I want to restore the honour of politics.

* We should be transparent in public life. We should be with the weaker sections. Even after 60 years of freedom, there has not been any improvement.

* I don't know politics. I can't understand it. But I know the suffering of people.

* I have done all roles in cinema. I have seen the entire world. I don't want anything more.

* I had just two pairs of trousers in my college.

* I survived in Madras with less than Rs 100 per month. People need a person from such background to lead them. My roles in cinema always represented weaker sections.

* I am from a very humble background. We had just 5 acres of land. My father was a police constable.

* This sound will reverberate across Andhra.

* I know the pulse beat of the Telugu people. I promise a clean and effective movement.

* Youth power is my power. Women will get more attention.

* This sound will reverberate across Andhra.

* I represent weaker sections. Today's meeting is a historic meeting.

* I am like the brother of all Andhraites. Telugu people made me what I am today.

* I don't know to how to thank you all. I will never forget your kindness.

* My mother taught me about life. I don't bother about caste, religion and class.

* My achievement will be your achievement.

* As an actor, I struggled. I am a servant of the people.

* Please bless my movement. You have always blessed me. Mother Theresa has always been my inspiration. I believe in her.

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