Jul 5, 2008

Telugu Movie 'GORINTAKU' Review

Film: Gorintaku
Rating: 2.25/5
Banner: Megaa Super Good Films
Cast: Dr Rajasekhar, Meera Jasmine, Arthi Agarwal, Chandra Mohan, Sivaji Raja, Hema, Surekha, Benerjee, Surya etc
Music: SA Raj Kumar
Fights: Kanal Kannan
Story: Sai Prakash
Editing: Nandamuri Hari
Screenplay-Director: Vankineni Ratna Pratap
Producer: SV Prasad, Paras Jain
Theatrical Release: 4 July 2008

Aroutine and worn out sentimental tale, the film begins with the well respected and powerful Sarvarayudu (Rajasekhar) and his devoted and regarded wife (Meera Jasmine). Both of them are like the one and all for the villagers and equally reciprocal is Sarvarayudu who makes sure that the villagers get whatever they need. However, there is a problem that the couple is facing and that is the problem of conceiving. In order to counter that, they perform many rituals and ceremonies finally to be blessed with a boy and girl. However, their fate says that the couple will be having an abrupt end to their lives with an unfortunate accident and leave the growing kids under the watchful and parental eye of their trusted person (Chandramohan). The kids soon grow up as youngsters (Rajasekhar and Meera Jasmine) and their brother-sister relationship stands as an epitome for attachment, affection and sentiment.

On a romantic side, hero falls in love with a poor girl Nandini (Aarti Agarwal) in the village and Lakshmi (Meera Jasmine) also gives her heart to a businessman Akash (Akash). The brother gets to know of Lakshmi's romance and he takes it upon himself to check the credibility of Akash and disguises himself as a servant and enters their home. He is satisfied with Akash and gives the green signal to Lakshmi and simultaneously he marries Nandini. All looks hunky dory until Nandini's distant aunt Suryakantham arrives into their home. She comes with a sole mission of destroying the fame of Sarvarayudu's legacy as she feels that he was the cause for her husband (Jeeva)'s death who used to sell country liquor illegally. Suryakantham makes life hell for the hero and his sister. What happens at last is the story.

Dr Rajasekhar has come out with his best efforts to fit in the role but then there is no gravity in his character which goes against him. He still looks fresh and has worked hard on his dance.

Meera Jasmine is as talented as ever and came up with a top notch performance while Aarti Agarwal turned out to be a pile of fat and flab, she should have avoided the close up shots which created chaos for audience,

Venu Madhav was at his energetic best and managed few laughs despite his character being weak.

Chandra Mohan was dignified while Hema, Banerjee, Sivaji Raja did their bits with the required professionalism. The others were just about okay.

The director has started on a wrong footing by going in for a subject which has been grinded to the maximum by the soap makers in the small screen industry and having said that, he also failed in keeping the film together as his presentation was poor and the narration was weak. Not much support came from the music department except one or two numbers which will fizzle out soon and the camerawork was sloppy.

Editing was missing completely and there are no catchy dialogues or effective screen play to talk about. The costumes were a bit okay and other departments were just about average in their contribution.

One really wonders as to why the film maker had to come up with a subject of sentimental overdose when there is so much happening already on the small screen which is a far stronger medium to the lady audience. Focus should have been given on other commercial aspects like comedy, fights in equal doses and the fuel to increase the pace in the movie.

The film is a remake of the Kannada hit 'Annan Thangi' but then care should have been taken to include elements that appease the Telugu audience also. The story lacked spine and the script lacked flavor. By no means will the mass or the class audience like it since there is nothing in for them, the only appeal will be to the ladies if they can take time out from their hectic TV serial schedule and come to the theatres only to find the same thing in a blown up version.

It is very hard for the film to survive at the box office unless some aggressive approach is taken immediately to reach the farthest audience, through promotion campaigns in B, C centers.

'Gorintaku'TV-Serial On Silver Screen

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Anonymous said...

view the movie clearly...and then review..
wife of Sarvaaraayudu is not Meera jasmine..
she is Sujitha...
How can u say that others are okay..
Meera Jasmine son performed well..