Jul 24, 2008

Telugu Actor KALYAN RAM Interview

Kalyan Ram is on a high as he receives a good response to his new release Hare Ram.In a chat with Hyderabad Times,

Kalyan Ram seems to be back in the reckoning as he claims to have received tremendous response from audience and critics alike for his latest release Hare Ram, a psycho thriller. "It has opened well and the response is tremendous" discloses Ram, brimming with confidence. And how did this change come about? Kalyan attributes this change to none other than his wife. He conceived the role of a psycho after considerable homework with valuable tips from his medico-wife to make the role ‘unique’. "She has definitely helped us in creating a more convincing character " reasons the scion of the NTR family.

Just as Kalyan acknowledges his wife's role in his recent success, we raise the issue of marriages among professional couples breaking up on flimsy grounds. We remark that in this age of professional couples willing to break up even over trivial issues, it is heartening to know that the young actor-medico' couple has had a smooth-sailing relationship despite their demanding professions. "I think understanding and transparency are the key factors in making the marriage of professional couples work.

It has been 2 years since we got married but it took us just 4 months to strike a chord as we discussed the pros and cons of our respective jobs threadbare and gained each other's confidence," says Ram who rarely skips dinner with his spouse to discuss all issues under the sun. Besides playing double roles, he has also donned the role of a producer for his latest movie. "I love to be involved in every aspect of filmmaking. I put across my thoughts to my technicians but we finally arrive at a decision only after a healthy discussion," clarifies Kalyan who was determined to share his ideas and suggestions in an attempt to improve his performance and unwilling to repeat his past flip-flops. On whether or not lineage plays a role in achieving success in films, Kalyan believes that success is determined more by a good script than lineage.
He strongly refutes that only films made by families with an illustrious background in films find patronage with the audience.

"I think the big success of Happy Days and Gamyam proved that the audience is game for good scripts unmindful of the casting," explains Ram, who describes lineage as a 'double-edged' sword. "We receive appreciation for good work but at the same time we get severe flak even for small mistakes," says Ram who created a sensation of sorts by bringing all the stalwarts of the Nandamuri clan on one stage to release the audio of Hare Ram sometime ago. "We do meet at private functions but this one turned out to be a public function and like always, generated hype. But all said and done, now I am happy about living up to the big expectations," concludes the youngster.