Jul 24, 2008

Prakash Raj Is Ready TOffer Apologies

The controversial and stubborn actor Prakash Raj is all set to act in Telugu again. Recently Andhra Pradesh Producer’s Council had asked all the producers in Tollywood not to cast him in for their films after he failed to co-operate one of their members. A ban was imposed on the actor for the second time as his late lateef ways caused many a films in trouble.

But now with his personal life in doldrums, the actor seems to have in reconciliation mood. Through a big Telugu producer, he is trying hard to be back in Telugu films. The said producer has a film under progress in which Prakash Raj has a major role. He needs the actor’s dates immediately. Hence he is putting pressure on the council to lift the ban on the actor.

Prakash Raj was seen at Filmchamber office three days ago along with a top producer to have discussions with president and other executive members of the council.

On other hand, Prakash Raj too is ready to offer apologies for the producers who suffered with him.