Jul 20, 2008

Nagarjuna Leaving Maa TV due To Chiranjeevi

Nagarjuna who is the chairman of Maa TV is planning to depart it because of Chiranjeevi. Chiranjeevi & Allu Arvind hold a fair amount of share in the investments of Maa Channel. It is fact that Maa TV always elevates Chiranjeevi’s and his Khandhan in all possible ways.

From the past few months it is reported that, the TRP ratings of the channel have come down and the reason is said to be due to the programs which are being made exasperating to the audience taste.

Adding to this, it is a fact that in future if at all Chiru becomes a chief minister, and then Maa TV has to and should be telecasting many programs relating to Chiranjeevi and his works.

So thinking wisely Nagarjuna is planning to come up with his new channel before elections this year. Adding to this it is also gossiped that Nagarjuna is miffed up with the creative head of Maa TV as the programs are not at all clicking for a long run.

Recently, Anushka made her appearance on small screen through “Yuva” which is a serial based on today’s generation. But surprisingly the TRP ratings did not ring as expected and so the program was said to be a flop.

So, by all these facts and conclusions Nagarjuna is thinking to depart Maa TV and is planning to start his own channel.