Jun 10, 2008

Villan Ajay To Become Hero Ajay

Ajay who is till now shown as villan to the audience of telugu cinema is suddenly going to be shown as a hero. Ajay who shot to fame as villan with his excellent performances in Sye, Vikramarkudu, Lakshmi Kalyanam etc is now getting ready to do the hero’s role in his up-coming movie.

Ajay is going to star as a hero in a movie which is going to be directed by Madhu. Madhu was a story writer for Aa Naluguru who turned into a director with Pellaina Kothalo movie

Madhu is right now making a film titled Gunde Jhallu Mandi with Uday Kiran and Urvasi Sharma. He will start Ajay’s movie once he finishes shooting for his current project. Madhu will mostly produce this movie and change from story writer to director to producer.