Jun 29, 2008

'VICTORY' Telugu Movie Review

'VICTORY' Telugu Movie Review

Cast: Nitin, Mamta Mohan Das, Sindhu Tolani, Sashank, Tanikella, Sana, Ranganath, Nutan Prasad, Kondal Rao

Director: Ravi C Kumar

Music: Chakri

VICTORY of Nitin comes with a bang on the present land mafia prevailing in Hyderabad as well as other parts of the country. Nitin is depicted as an action hero and with his well toned muscular body, he aptly suits the character. The director has carved the story very well, but the dragging second half of the film will make the audience a bit annoyed.

Vijji (Nitin) is an educated guy with a middle class family tag in his background. He is young and much talented. He immensely loves his younger sister and his mom. Tanikella Bharani plays the father’s character of Vijji (Nitin) in this film. Tanikella has a desire to build a small house with all basic luxuries. He has a dream to cultivate a garden in his house and has the plans to play with his grandchildren in it. In order to fulfill his dream Tanikella purchase a small plot in a housing board society.

Sindhu tolani incidentally meets with Vijii and befriends him. She works as a reporter in the news channel TV5 and fights against injustice.

Meanwhile Tanikella wishes to see his son as a married man and so in search of a suitable bride surfs the matrimonial websites. A girl named Jannu (Mamta Mohan Das) matches all the likings of Vijji and his family. Soon the boy and girl start to like each other and as a result fall in love with each other. Sashank, Duvvasi, Mohan, srinu are the friends of Vijji and share a well bonded friendship with each other.

However the entry of the villain takes place in the film. Devraj (Ashutosh Rana) is a land grabber in the disguise of a MLA. He makes his riches by land grabbing and selling the occupied lands to NRI’s. He eyes on the lands of the housing board society in which Vijji’s father Tanikella owns a small plot. Devraj creates some fake documents in the eyes of law and becomes the owner of the total property. But in the meantime the original owner emerges as the grandfather of Mamta Mohan Das. His name is Kondal Rao. When he challenges the villainous MLA in court, Devraj hatches a plan and kills him.

Then the hero enters into the filed and starts his heroic activities. Vijji exposes Devraj and his activities and brings to an end all his evil deeds in the society. He then wins the total property and also his beloved Jannu (Mamta).

Nitin as usual looks well suited for the action sequences with his toned body. He flexes his muscles and his so called eight pack body and ends the Villains’ activities. His dialogue delivery and the expressions have to be polished more. His dancing and acting capabilities are above average.

Mamta Mohan Das looks cool in this film with not much skin show, only a little bit she acts well. Her role is minced and only restricts to some scenes and songs.

Sindhu Tolani looks gorgeous as a reported. She is turning into a hot bomb day by day. Her Chennai contacts are surely giving some results. She also manages to pull up the focus on to her through her dialogues as a TV reporter.

Ashutosh Rana of bollywood steals the show with his impeccable acting skills. His eyes speak a lot and his villain character is well elaborated in some scenes as a land grabber and also as a criminal in the disguise of a MLA.

Tanikella, Sana, Ranganath, Nutan Prasad (After a long time) Kondalk Rao have done their jobs very well.

The comedy bunch is made up of Duvassi, Brahmanandham, Ali, MS Narayana and Krishna Bhagvan. Their try to churn some laughs from the audience. Abhinaya sri plays the role of a wife to Brahmanandham. She plays the role of an unsatisfied wife with an aged husband. Finally she elopes with Ali. The scenes which involve Brahmanandham, Abhinaya sri, and Ali are double meaning weaved but are interesting with some elder content.

The songs and the fights are picturised well, but the sentiment element gets the audience a feeling that “Endhuku Vachammu Ra Ee Cinemaki”.

There is nothing much to be said about the film and on the whole this film of Nitin may live for 30 days the most. Or else if Nitin’s father Sudhakar reddy aims, then it can limp towards a 50 day mark.