Jun 17, 2008

OORVASI Coming Forward To Divorce Her Legally

In the present day, divorces have been on the rise in all quarters of society. There are various factors that have been attributed to this alarming trend. Tolerance has nosedived to a frightening extent and people are not willing to compromise and marriage as an institution is slowly losing its charm. Tinsel town has its own share of highs and lows.

There are couples who have stayed together till the end of their lives and there are couples who break off in the middle.

The latest couple in the film industry who has planned to part ways are Urvasi and her husband Manoj K Jeyan. Both of them met during the shooting of a Malayalam film, fell in love and got married seven years back. They have a daughter. Now it has been said that they are considering divorce due to marital incompatibility. It has also been said that efforts to iron out their differences have failed.

When Manoj Jeyan was contacted for his comment, he said that it is true that he and Urvasi are staying separately and that their daughter is living with him as per her wish and that the child is being looked after by his parents. When Urvasi was approached for her stance on this, she said that in the event of her husband coming forward to divorce her legally, then she and her family would come to a decision after considering many factors. We sincerely hope that their differences are sorted out amicably and the couple start their lives together once again.