Jun 16, 2008

Kamal Haasan Congratulate Asin ...

Asin’s day was made when Kamal Haasan called up to congratulate her on her performance in Dasavatharam. “For me, that compliment is on par with an Oscar award in itself,” said a thrilled Asin.

Now that Dasavatharam’ has seen the light of the day, the lissom actress is relieved that she is free to act in other films. She says that she regards Dasavatharam right next to the mythological Ramavatharam and Krishnavatharam concepts. “You would not get to see the likes of it again,” said Asin, echoing like the famous words of the great Don Bradman.

So was it tougher playing the orthodox Brahmin girl or the traditional Vaishnavite of another era? Asin says, “There was little to worry because Kamal was there at every step to guide me. He explained everything in detail including the tone of speaking the dialogues.” In her role as Kodhai and Andal, she said that Kamal emphasised the importance of getting the right pitch. The actress said she was delighted to be a part of such an important film that would be regarded as a landmark in Indian cinema.