May 29, 2008

Superstar Rajini in VI std CBSE English Lesson

Rajini’s journey of conductor to the stardom itself is like a successful cinema. From a humble bus conductor to country’s highest paid actor, Rajini’s life contains many twists and turns but never downs.

Rajini’s recent super-hit Sivaji has catapulted him from the status of Superstar to Demi God and also paved way for his pan India fame. The film ran into packed houses in many theatres in North including metros like Delhi, Mumbai & Kolkatta.

In the year starting, he received NDTV’s Best Indian of the Year award for 2007 from Hon’ble Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Now another feather has been added to his success cap. CBSE Std VI English course material by Oxford University Press contains a lesson about Rajini.

His life from conductor to Superstar has been briefly described along with excerpts from his friend Bahadur who was working as bus driver when rajini was conductor in Bangalore during 70s.

After the lesson, there is a short evaluation too about the lesson.

The lesson was under the section: Dignity of Work.

Surely Superstar Rajini deserves this and it is a proud for South India where an actor found place in a text book which will be read by the kids all over the country. This must be the first where an actor found place in CBSE curriculum which is common for all india.