May 19, 2008

Puri Jagannath Announced A Film Titled 'Neninthe' With Ravi Teja

Puri, Ravi Teja and Danayya's crazy combination

Some combinations are touted as crazy combinations as they evoke a lot of interest in the film and also raise the expectations to very high levels.

Puri Jagannath announced that he is making a film titled 'Neninthe' with Ravi Teja as hero. The team has now got a big boost when Danayya agreed to produce the film.

The combination of Puri Jagannath, Danayya and Ravi Teja is a real crazy combination. The three had earlier come together for films like 'Itlu Sravani Subrahmanyam'. 'Idiot' and 'Amma Naana O Tamila Ammayi'.

Danayya wil make the film on the Universal Media banner.