May 4, 2008

CHIRAJEEVI is not doing 'Adhinayakudu'

Megastar is not 'Adhinayakudu'- It is Nagababu?

Megastar is not doing any more films right now. He is busy in preparations of his proposed political party. Now he has transferred the responsibility of Adhinayakudu to Nagababu

Though there was news that Megastar is getting ready for his 149th film Adhi Nayakudu, now the the title 'Adhi Nayakudu' is registered for Nagababu's film with director Kodi Rama krishna. The film is produced by Bhaskar Reddy of Nandyala (Karnool)

Nagababu is playing the police officer role in the film and he is going to deliver the goods required for Megastar's proposed political party.

Kodi Rama Krishna who directed films like Bharath Bandh, Ankusham- a powerful police officer's film etc is directing this AdhiNayakudu-It is going to have political dialogues and voice against corruption.

In the climax of the film, Nagababu is going deliver powerful dialogues-The meaning of dialogues are likely to be 'The entire system of today's governance is occupied with corruption, to eradicate this corruption, a new party in Government is required'.