May 5, 2008

'Chachipothey' Is Freemake Of 'Just Like Heaven'?

Puri Jagannath's younger brother Sai Ram Shankar is one not so lucky guy. Despite having a top shot director in Tollywood like Puri Jagannath as bother, he has so far not made it big in films. He acted in a few films but none of them made any impression with the public or at the box office.

Puri is credited with launching the careers of several young actors successfully. Chiranjeevi's son Ram Charan was launched into films successfully by Puri Jagannath with the film Chirutha. Puri decided to make a film with his brother and wanted to direct the film himself although he thought to keep that in someone else's hands.

But Sai Ram Shankar's bad luck continues to follow him. Puri had to shelve the project 'Chacchipoothey' for some time as he is busy with a prestigious project. The film 'Chachipothey' is said to be a free make of the Hollywood film 'Just like Heaven'.