May 22, 2008

ALL THE BEST Jeevitha Rajasekhar

I’m open to politics: Jeevita

Looks like Jeevita is sending shock waves anmongst the women’s cadre in the Congress Party. Wonder how Ganga Bhavani must be reacting to Jeevita’s political statement today. On a pilgrimage to Tirupati, she was mobbed by a tv crew and was questioned on her political ambitions. She said politics provide a platform to do social service and she is open to the idea of joining the Congress Party if they invited her to become the women’s Cong chief.
ఫైట్ చెస్ గునమున్న వారే రాజకీయాలకు రావాలి ALL THE BEST Jeevitha Rajasekhar Garu


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Anonymous said...

check out all the vulgar scenes that Jeevitha acted in youtube. One would be surprised if Congress party would want someone like her as their mahila chief.