May 30, 2008

Actress SADA One Of The Top Actresses In Tollywood

SADA turns a new leaf

Actress SADA, who was once ranked as one of the top actresses in Tollywood, is now struggling to find a foothold. Her last blockbuster was Aparichithudu directed by hotshot director SHANKAR.

Interestingly, she's the only one to have slipped into near oblivion after acting in Shankar's movie, while GENELIA and SHREYA climbed the ladder of success. Although she acted in some big budget films, nothing clicked at the box office, including her latest film Takkari opposite NITIN. However, not one to lose heart, Sada is hopeful of starting afresh with films like Vrindavanam. Here’s hoping for the best, Sada. Tollywood snippets: SURESH KAVIRAYANI