Apr 22, 2008

Telugu Movie PARUGU is Bound To Rock The Box-Office

Lucky mascot Dil Raju's Parugu is getting ready to woo the movie goers on May 1st. A press meet was arranged to announce the release date and Dil Raju, Bhaskar and Allu Arjun spoke about the film on the event.

Parugu is bound to rock the box-office - Dil Raju

Dil Raju said, "Although we had plans to release the film in the last week of April, we had to shift the release date to 1st May following the request from Chiranjeevi gaaru. He did not want the films of family heroes to clash with each other and hence wanted a gap of at least a month between the two films Jalsa and Parugu. I am very confident to say that my combination with Bhaskar and Allu Arjun would repeat the gimmicks as both of them were a hit under my banner that is Allu Arjun with Aarya and Bhaskar with Bommarillu. Mani Sharma's music will be an added flavor to the film as all the songs are situational bound and would stay in the audience mind for ever. We have completed the postproduction work and are ready to release the film on May 1st. This film is bound to rock the box-office undoubtedly."

Parugu gave me a complete satisfaction - Bhaskar

Bhaskar said, "I'm very lucky to work with Dil Raju and Allu Arjun. Though I've given a block-buster before, this film being the second one has increased my responsibility. I'm fully convinced after seeing the final output because I could make the film the way I visualised. Allu Arjun's performance is mind-blowing in this film and will be a stepping stone for his future. I sketched his characterization in such a way that there would be lot of scope for him to perform. Mani Sharma's music is a great boon to the film as the story demands mostly situational songs which will make the audience stick to their seats."

Parugu would give me another hit - Allu Arjun

Allu Arjun said, "I've dealt mostly with love subjects in my past films. Parugu is completely a family oriented film. So I've taken this film as a challenge in which I've to satisfy all classes of people. Though a bit nervous I'm very confident to say that this film would add one more hit in my career.