Apr 1, 2008

Ram Charan is going to marry............

Ram Charan Marrying Rayalseema Girl

This is the hot gossip from highly reliable sources. Ram Charan is going to marry a Rayalaseema girl, the daughter of a businessman PG Ashok. Ashok's father Ashwatha Narayana Bhagawan was an ardent devotee of Satya Sai Baba and is well known for his pious life style.

Ashok has only one daughter who is doing her B Tech now. This affluent businessman has been trying a lot to make alliance with Ram Charan Teja and hence moving very close with Chiranjeevi's family from quite some time. The financial power of Ashok is very strong and running into thousands of Crores as he has partnership deals in many software companies and hotels across the world.

Right now, the family of Ashok is in Rajasthan as per reliable sources as Ram Charan is busy in the shooting there. We have to see what is going to happen shortly.

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