Apr 1, 2008

RAASI All Set For Diet

Raasi all set for diet pierce

Raasi, once a popular actress had a few hit films to her credit was recognised for her buxom figure and well endowed assets made her a eye wooer in one among a section of the audience. But the same figure also kept away few young heroes from acting opposite her.

Raasi later quit films and married a cinematographer. She even produced a film to enrich her husband’s filmi carrer as a director. However, the film totally bombed at the box office. Raasi is reported to have burnt about 50 lakhs in the process. She later vowed not to go behind the camera in her life.

The trend in the film industry is to go in for liposuction to reduce weight, since there are some side effects for it. A new therapy, diet drugs has been introduced abroad. Renowned Hollywood actresses are trying this magical method. As the buzz unfolds, Raasi too is reported to be trying this diet therapy. She wants to reduce weight and try her luck once again in Tollywood. But the side effects are more with diet drugs and many Hollywood stars are reported to have become eccentric with mild sadistic behavior and small psychic deformities. Would Raasi want to go for it still?

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