Apr 15, 2008

'JALSA' In Worries

Problems for Pawan`s Jalsa!

Pawan Kalyan’s Jalsa is living up to the title in terms of collections, thanks to the craze the film has generated. Jalsa has already set first day and first week records for a Telugu film and still going strong.

The film particularly is doing great business in A centers and overseas. Finally, Pawan Kalyan has managed to deliver a super hit after seven long years.

Though the film mega fans are making merry over the result of Jalsa they are worried about the piracy factor. Jalsa is the only big budgeted film available in the market now, and it is no surprise that pirates have eyed this film in particular. Thousands of Jalsa pirated DVDs are seized by the police, but still it didn't help to put an end to the circulation of pirated DVDs.

Piracy on internet too is done in a big way . Presently, there are many Jalsa film's download links available on the net. These are circulating much faster than ever, and it is sure to affect the prospects of the film. Mega fans are trying their level best to remove the download links but in vain.

The production house had stated that they have taken necessary steps to avoid piracy but sadly that didn’t happen.