Apr 16, 2008

Chiyaan Vikram's Direct Foray Into Bollywood

Vikram Going ToBe National Celebrity

He came, he saw, he conquered and how! Chiyaan Vikram really knows the moves of being in the top league. Waiting in the wings for nearly two years to have the biggest release in the beginning of this year (Bheema), Vikram is finishing up Kandasamy only to start work simultaneously in Telugu and Hindi.

Vikram has okayed Bommarillu Bhasker's script in Telugu. He plans to start work on the film by July. Vikram's direct foray into Bollywood will be in Maniratnam's next with Aishwarya Rai. It was not until long ago that all seemed cold on the Vikram – Manirathnam front. How things have changed with Vikram bagging roles in both the Tamil and Hindi versions of Mani's next!

So Vikram is on the way of becoming national celebrity.