Mar 3, 2008

'Sirivennela' Wrote 300000 Songs And 3000 Recorded

Seetarama Sastry is now a household name in Andhra Pradesh. But like everyone else in the industry, success did not come to him overnight.

Seetarama Sastry had to struggle a lot during the initial days. He is also a perfectionist and does not compromise at all. He also has his habit of rewriting a lyric several times over, as many as 50 times on some occasions, until it tunes to the taste of director.

Seetarama Sastry said that he has so far written over 300000 Songs of which about 3000 have been recorded. That is in fact an astronomical number! Just imagine what a record it is to write 3, 00,000 songs. He said that he generally pen about 50 to 100 versions for each song and that's how the number reached to that extent.

Seetarama Sastry said that for him it is the lyrics that hold more interest than, melody. It is for this reason that he used to listen to Hindi gazals and melodies in his childhood. He enjoyed the meaning of every word used in the songs.

It may come as a big surprise to know that Seetarama Sastry did not listen to Telugu songs much during his childhood. He preferred to listen to only Hindi songs.