Mar 8, 2008

Shriya Saran signs Another International Film 'The Othe'r End of the Line'

Shriya Saran is going great guns in Bollywood and Hollywood. She has just signed another international film. She has been cast in international director Deepa Mehta's current film, Stella, where in Shriya plays one of the leading ladies along with Seema Biswas and Lisa Ray.

The film began shooting hush-hush in Delhi on a start-to-finish stretch recently and Shriya has already begun shooting for the film.

She is extremely busy now and is finding hard to cater time to South Indian films. That is why she has been missing here. Her only upcoming film in Telugu is Vikram's Mallanna (Kandaswamay in Tamil).

She was also signed up by Ashok Amritraj for his international venture The Other End of the Line.

The Other End of the Line is a romantic comedy film scheduled to be released in 2008 starring Jesse Metcalfe, Shriya Saran and Anupham Kher. The film is based on an employee at an Indian call-center who travels to San Francisco to be with a guy she falls for over the phone. James Dodson directs the project.

It will be the first combination between the Indian powerhouse production house, Adlabs with their American counterpart MGM. The film will be produced by an American Indian, Ashok Amritraj, with Patrick Aiello, co-producing the project.

Filming began in October 2007 in Mumbai, with the probability of shooting in San Francisco during the next year.

The film also includes Englishmen Michael 'el harp diouf' Harper and Dominic Mackey who play a pilot and passport attendant respectively.