Mar 2, 2008

RP Patnaik Agreed His Biggest Mistake

It is very common for artists and technicians to get carried by success. After the success of just a couple of films, they start taking themselves very seriously. Then they begin to think that they are unbeatable and they know everything.

This often makes them to take up assignments for which they are least suited. Just because they have some clout to dictate terms, they think that they are more qualified than others.

RP Patnaik began his career as a music director. He later acted in a film and also took up direction. But his success as a director has not been very encouraging.

RP Patnaik had also taken up playback singing and rendered the songs for Mahesh Babu's film 'Nijam'. The songs failed to click and they even affected the fate of the film at the box office. Patnaik is now speaking like a wizened man. He now says that it was wrong on his part to have sung all the songs for the film as his voice wouldn't suit for Mahesh Babu. It is good that he has realized his mistake at least now. Let us hope he will not repeat his mistake in future.