Mar 24, 2008


Film Industry People Divorce Rate Is High

Another Star Divorce

In the film Industry as fast as people are getting married, the divorce rate is also rising high. The lastest to join the list of movie stars filing for divorce is actor Prakash Raj. Prakashraj visited the Family court in Egmore and sought divorce from his wife and Lalithakumari.

Prakash Raj is rumored to be having an affair with his personal secretary, choreographer Boney Verma, and also with another actress. However Prakash Raj speaking briefly to the media after filing for divorce rubbished the rumors and said there is no such thing going on. Prakash also has requested the court for the custody of his daughter.

Lalithakumari has not yet filed for the divorce petition as it is said that close family and friends are hoping for the reconciliation of the couple. In 1993, he did do love-marriage with his love Lalithakumari, who is the sister of the famous, glamour artiste of Tamil filmfield called ‘Disco’ Shanthi. Prakashraj-Lalithakumari couple has one daughter by name Pooja.

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