Mar 4, 2008

Mumaith Khan Is The Latest Example

Mumaith Khan's Remuneration Is Now Rs 30 Lakhs

The film industry is replete with many rags to riches stories. Take the case of anyone, be it actors or actresses or producers or directors. You look at any department and will find at least some people who have come from a very poor and humble background and made it big.

Mumaith Khan is the latest example. She comes from a poor family. She began her career as a troupe dancer. She was one among the score of dancers that one sees in songs in films. Mumaith gradually rose from one of the dancers in the back row to an item song girl. She was an instant hit as an item number.

She caught the attention of many producers and directors. She turned into a heroine later. Mumaith is now doing title roles in films. She has climbed the ladder of success pretty fast. Luck may have played a part in her success, but she has also shown a lot of determination and grit for making it big.

Mumaith Khan now commands Rs 30 lakhs per film. The same Mumaith Khan was paid a princely sum of Rs 1,500 not very long ago for her work in her first film.

These are the kind of success stories that one comes across in Tollywood from time to time.

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