Mar 24, 2008

Heroine Mamata Mohan Das Is Multifaceted

New Angles In Mamatha Mohan Das

Heroine Mamata Mohan Das is multifaceted. She sings and acts. Now another talent of her is revealed. She is endowed with directorial abilities too.

When a director explains her part, she does that dutifully. But her curiosity never ends there. She tries to give suggestions to the fellow actors on cast too. She some times tries their part too. Directors too get impressed with her innovative suggestions in direction.

She may become director very soon, they foresee. If she attains this goal, she can make us reminiscent of Bhanumathi, a star of bygone days. She too was multidimensional. She would sing, act and direct. Let us see if Mamatha spells something unique in future.

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