Mar 17, 2008

Devayani Gave Birth To Second Daughter

The actress who specialized in sentimental films gave birth to another baby recently in Chennai. This is her second daughter. Both mother and daughter are doing very well.

Devayani is now a force to reckon with in the mega serial industry in south India. She continues to enjoy immense popularity . Once in a while, the actress stars in a Malayalam film or two as the heroine. Soon after her marriage, her husband directed a film with her in the lead. She had produced the film herself. The film bombed badly.

This led to an acute financial crisis and she had only now made her way out of the crisis. There were talks that her husband wanted to make his acting debut in a film that he himself intended to direct. He wanted Devayani to produce it with the money that she had earned from starring in megaserials.

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